finishing and decorating a kid-friendly home
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finishing and decorating a kid-friendly home

How do you finish the interior of the home in which small children live without having to worry about what they are doing every second of the day? Can you finish the floors and the walls with materials that will withstand the abuse they will put it through and decorate in a way that will not put the kids in danger? Our blog is all about finishing and decorating a home that is kid-friendly. You will learn the best materials to use, the best types of paint, the easiest colors to work with and ideas to help you decorate without as much concern.


finishing and decorating a kid-friendly home

5 Benefits Of Using Floating Furniture And Elements

Sally Horton

Are you looking for a unique and gorgeous element to use in your home or business interior design? You may want to consider floating furniture. This style of furnishing, which are generally mounted on the wall rather than standing on legs on the floor, provides many benefits that property owners can use. Here are just a few.

1. They Save Floor Space. If your home is small or you have a lot of stuff to put in the same area, you need all the floor space you can get. Floating furniture takes up literally no floor space, leaving you free to use it for other needs. 

2. They Appear Smaller. Most rooms have certain necessities, such as counter space or storage, but you don't want to cause these to use up too much of the visual space in the room. The answer is a slim-appearing floating furniture item that does the job while keeping as small a profile as possible. By reducing its footprint, you can get the same practical benefits as legged furniture but with much less impact. 

3. They Go Vertical. Using the vertical space in a room helps keep it from becoming overcrowded or appearing small. Floating elements are the perfect way to 'go vertical' because they aren't reliant on being attached to the floor. You can add floating shelves or cabinets as tall as you'd like, opening up the room's lower spaces. 

4. They Are Modern. Floating pieces stand out with a fun, modern look. Floating staircases, in particular, which seem to hang on nothing, take something as basic as a flight of stairs from one level to another and turn it into a modern masterpiece. Adding just one or two floating items, such as a counter or tables, is an easy way to make the public areas of your company look updated and ready for 21st century business life.  

5. They Are Unique. If you want a feature that few others will have in their home or office, go for floating elements. While these are available to all, most business and home owners opt for more traditional profiles. So, any floating furnishing you include in your decor will appear much more unique, even though it really isn't. 

Which of these benefits of floating furniture could help your property the most? No matter what you want from it, this elegant and updated look will make your rooms stand out to all who use them. Learn more about floating furniture from a company like Sav-Mor Interiors today.