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finishing and decorating a kid-friendly home

How do you finish the interior of the home in which small children live without having to worry about what they are doing every second of the day? Can you finish the floors and the walls with materials that will withstand the abuse they will put it through and decorate in a way that will not put the kids in danger? Our blog is all about finishing and decorating a home that is kid-friendly. You will learn the best materials to use, the best types of paint, the easiest colors to work with and ideas to help you decorate without as much concern.


finishing and decorating a kid-friendly home

Useful Traits For A Whiteboard Table

Sally Horton

If you're thinking about adding some new tables to your place of work, an option that may catch your attention is whiteboard tables. These pieces of furniture are available in several different sizes and are unique because of their whiteboard surface. Whereas writing on the top of a table is discouraged in most offices, employees can freely do so on a whiteboard table — provided that they use dry-erase markers, of course. Meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other gatherings can all be effective when you're using this type of table. If you plan to buy a few of these tables, look for these useful traits.

Adjustable Height

It's ideal if you can choose whiteboard tables that allow you to adjust their height. This table can work well for all sorts of meetings, including formal sit-down meetings and less-formal brainstorming sessions. For the latter type of gathering, it can be appealing to stand around a table. When you're able to raise the top of your whiteboard table to an appropriate height, your employees can jot down ideas onto its top surface while they stand. At the same time, you also have the option of lowering the table so that it's the same height as a standard table when you want to use it for sit-down meetings.

Ability To Tilt

You'll find some whiteboard tables that allow you to tilt their top in multiple ways. For example, you can have the top positioned horizontally like a conventional table, but also swing it so that the tabletop sits vertically. This feature can be highly desirable. For example, you might have your staff sit down around the table to make notes during a brainstorming session. After the session, you can tilt the table so that its top is vertical, allowing people to easily see the notes on the tabletop from across the room.


Many whiteboard tables come with wheels, which will allow you to move these tables around your office in a desired manner. If you're holding a large meeting with all of your staff, you might position several of these tables together in an open area of your office. Or, if you've divided your workforce into small groups to have brainstorming sessions, you can move the tables to separate rooms with ease. You'll typically find wheels that lock, which can be useful for when you position a table and you don't want it to move while people are using it. Learn more about whiteboard tables at an office furniture store.

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